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The Racquet & Paddle Studio is designed to provide a unique playing experience.  Whether you are a long time tennis player, a beginner pickleball player, a junior player, or just looking to learn a new sport, the Racquet & Paddle Studio has a program for you.  We offer a wide variety of programs and services including facility rentals, private instruction, group instruction, clinics and parties.  

The Racquet & Paddle Studio is a cutting edge facility in all aspects.  The facility features a newly installed Pro-Cushion soft court designed to reduce body stress and impact on joints.  State of the art LED lighting is installed throughout to ensure perfect illumination, day or night.  The facility is temperature controlled with a newly installed HVAC system in which players can choose their ideal playing climate.  For those who enjoy playing to music, the facility is equipped with a massive, club - grade bluetooth enabled speaker. Just connect your phone to the speaker via bluetooth and you're all set!

When you book a court at The Racquet & Paddle Studio, you get the entire facility!  No bystanders, no spectators, just you and your group!  You can choose to play the sport of your choice (pickleball, tennis etc.) and we will provide you with the best space in the area! 

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