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Whether a child is just starting out in the academy or training to play at the collegiate level, the basic tenets of success in our academy are the same.

First, a student must master the fundamentals. 

A player can only master fundamentals when given the appropriate equipment in the appropriate setting (i.e. court size, ball modifications, etc). To that end, we devote just as much time to teaching agility skills and mental awareness as we do honing forehands and backhands.  If a child is rushed into learning strokes or tactical skills, even the slightest shortcomings in his or her game will be exposed to their opponent as the level of play increases.

Second, our pros strive to ensure that our students learn how to mentally approach the game of tennis. That is, in addition to constantly evaluating and adjusting technical skills, we evaluate and address the mental skills of the game such as concentration, awareness, and good sportsmanship.

In addition, our pros teach our students to try to always stay positive. This can be achieved in a number of ways.  We often suggest that the student take a quiet moment between points and tell himself/ herself, “the next point is mine.” This translates to carrying positive energy into the next point.

In addition to teaching tennis, we strive to teach our students values that will help them succeed both on the tennis court, and in life.  Values such as disciple, hard work, respect and overcoming adversity, among others, are the foundations on which we base the education, training and overall development of our students.

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