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Junior Tennis 101- (Ages 4 and up)

Cost: $798 per 14 week session

Classes Offered :

Monday- Fridays ( 3-4pm, 4-5pm and 5-6pm)


​​Our Tennis 101 program is all about introducing the game to our youngest and most novice students. FUN! is at the core of this program.. Through tennis- centric games and activities, your child will learn all the basic grips and strokes while listening to KIDZBOP tunes on our Sonos surround sound system.  Tactical and technical training begins by learning to track the ball through targeted movement exercises, increasing accuracy in groundstrokes, basic forehand, backhand, and overhead motions. Players learn to rally with the pros with control and consistency as the foundation of their skillset.

Junior Tennis 201-(Ages 8 and up)

Cost: $798 per 14 week session

Classes Offered:

Mondays- Fridays (4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm)

​Tennis 201 aims at enhancing players’ growing physical capabilities and athletic skills through improving agility, linear speed, and tennis-specific footwork. At this level we incorporate exercises stimulating muscle memory and awareness, forehand, backhand and serving techniques. The spirit and fun of competition is elevated through a technical emphasis on how to move the opponent to build the point and a better understanding of executing strategic concepts to hone a refined playing style. Students in the 201 program can always expect that we place a premium on having FUN through dynamic games, drills and music!

Tennis Edge- (Ages 10 and up)

Cost: $1,596 per 14 week session (2 hour class)

Classes Offered:

Mondays and Fridays only (5-7pm)

Tennis Edge is a two-hour class for intermediate/intermediate plus students who want to develop the skills required for competitive play. Players can expect to work on and improve their technical, tactical and strategic tennis skills as well as movement and overall athletic skills. The first hour is devoted primarily to honing all strokes of the game and developing the muscle memory and mental discipline for match play. The second hour is devoted to "live ball" play and match play based concepts. all the while promoting a fun and high energy experience for all!

*Any/All tuition payments for spots in our junior program are only refundable up until 2 weeks before the start of that registered session. After such time, tuitions are not refundable. There are no refunds once a child has enrolled a slot and started a session.

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