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Touchtennis™ is a fast growing variation of the standard game of tennis. Played on a smaller court with soft balls and 21” racquet, the game is wildly popular throughout the UK and Europe.  The game attracts players of all ages and skill levels.  


The beauty of the sport is the need for players to evolve from regular tennis dominated by "power-hitting," to more cultured and strategic play - hence the name touchtennis. Speed of mind, understanding of the rival’s weakness and exquisite touch count far more than physical strength and power. Outmaneuvering your opponent is far more effective than trying to out hit them.


The game's addictiveness comes mainly from the way it "levels the field" among different players and sexes. The ingenious design of the interaction, between racket-ball-surface-court dimensions, allows for longer rallies and putting the ball away sometimes seems impossible!


The sport has seen many former tennis players (former Wimbledon winners) and commentators give up playing tennis to play full time on the touchtennis circuit and compete fiercely for ranking points.  Some of the sports famous devotees are Wimbledon legend Marcus Willis, musician Sean Paul and actress Miranda Hart. 


Watch the top 5 touchtennis rallies of 2017






Rules of the game

  • Tennis scoring but with sudden death on every deuce point with receiver to choose side

  • Serving can be overarm or underarm and the serve may not be volleyed back by the returner. One serve only.

  • ‘If you throw it you must hit it’ – on throwing the ball up to serve, the server must hit it, letting it drop/catching it will result in loss of point.

  • Sets are to 4 games, and you must win by 2 clear games. If the score is 4-4, a tie break to 5 points will take place.

  • No let rule – if the ball clips the net and lands in correct service box, the ball counts as ‘in play’.

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